Selling Your Home? Be Prepared!
Tips For Sellers


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When preparing your home for sale, be aware that most homebuyers will have a home inspected prior to the final sale. If an inspection report shows a lot of “defects” the buyer may decide not to purchase the property or negotiate for a lower sale price. Here are some tasks a homeowner can do to prevent “defects” from appearing on an inspection report.


The grade of the soil directly against the house should slope away from the house. Even if there has been no water penetration in the basement “negative slope” will be noted as a “defect” because of the potential for water penetration.

If you have gutters make sure downspouts are connected and downspout extensions are attached to direct water away from the house.

Exposed wood (lack of paint or sealer) on any exterior wood surface will be noted as a “defect”. Any wood surface contacting earth/soil will be noted as a “defect”.

Make sure decks are attached to house with 3/8″ lag bolts and washers – 16″ on center. A graspable handrail is required at the steps if there are 4 or more risers. Make sure posts are not contacting earth.

Garage Heaters
Make sure gas and electric are turned on and pilot light is lit.

Make sure there are no burned out light bulbs, open light sockets, exposed wiring, or exposed electrical connections. All exterior outlets must have GFCI protection.

If you have a sump pump make sure the discharge pipe/hose extends a minimum of 10 feet away from the house. Backflow preventers are required at hose bibs.


Make sure the attic access is clear (not blocked with storage or personal belongings).

Make sure handrails and guardrails are securely attached and handrails are located at all stairways.

Make sure all windows open and close properly, replace broken or missing glass, replace loose glazing, replace missing or damaged screens, and make sure there is no exposed wood (lack of paint or sealer).

Make sure all doors open and close properly (including closet doors) and no hardware is missing. If you have an attached garage the house/garage entry door must be fire rated.

Make sure power is turned on to all outlets, there are no burned out light bulbs, no open light sockets, no light fixtures without a globe (including closets), no missing junction box covers, no missing or broken wall plates at switches and outlets, and clear access to the main electrical panel. Any outlet within 6 feet of a sink must have GFCI protection.

Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors are required on each floor level and in all sleeping rooms. NOTE: Wall mounted smoke detectors should be 6-12″ from ceiling and a minimum of 2′ from wall corners. Ceiling mounted smoke detectors should be minimum 6″ from walls.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Minnesota State Law requires a carbon monoxide detector to be located within 10′ of all sleeping rooms.

Utility Room
Gas burning appliances require 50 cubic feet of air space per 1,000 BTU’s of appliances. If you have a gas furnace in a small room with a closable door you may need an outside air vent or a louvered door to provide adequate air supply to combustibles.

Advantages of a Sellers Inspection:

·Informs you of defects that may need to be corrected before a buyers inspection.
·Buyers may choose to forgo inspection contingency.